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"Samples Vs. Live" - "Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing Baby"

andy conducts

a pictureRecently,  I was hired to compose the music for a great animated short called "On The Same Page"   With a tight budget and impending deadline, the production team opted to do a midi/sample rendering of the score.   For 3 very long days, I  finessed orchestral sample libraires and produced the final rendering of the score for the team.  The film has since done very well earning various impressive awards   For my part, I felt that this particular score was really special and although the film makers were delighted with the computer rendered music, I really wanted a live recording. 

So, during my last recording session with the New York Composers Collective, I took out the score and parts and spent some time with my friends from the Budapest Film Orchestra recording the live orchestra version of the music.  

After the sessions, a few colleagues of mine asked if they could listen and compare the original sample/computer version to the live orchestra version.  Although all the notes are the same and the orchestration is basically an exact duplicate of the sample/computer version, my colleagues commented with some degree of astonishment how much more depth of expression was in the live  version. 

I suppose the modern ear is so used to hearing  good sample libraries utilized on so many forms of media that public perception of the sound of a live orchestra is perhaps often overlooked or maybe, sadly, slowly fading from memory.

So it is with great hope that I can help remind your ear of the glorious sound of the live orchestra that I present below both the original sample/computer version and the live 70 piece orchestra version.  If you have a good pair of headphones or some decent external speakers, you will really get a feel for the difference between computer samples (below left) and the luxurious sound of the live orchestra (below right).   If you like what you hear, check out my portfolio page for more music and drop me a line on my contact page. 

On The Same Page: Squash and Stretch

Sample/Computer Rendered Final
On The Same Page: Squash and Stretch

Live Orchestra Final

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